Where Can You Find MOOCs From the Top Universities?

I’ve compiled a list of the top 25 universities according to US News & World Report, and which MOOC Provider you can find their courses on, using the data from curricu.me.




Princeton Coursera
Harvard EdX
Yale Coursera & Yale Open Learning
Columbia Coursera
Stanford Coursera
University fo Chicago Coursera
Duke Coursera
Upenn Coursera
California Institute of Technology Coursera
Dartmouth College iTunesU
Johns Hopkins Coursera
Northwestern University Coursera
Brown University Coursera
Washington University in St Louis Semester Online*
Cornell EdX
Vanderbilt Coursera
Rice Coursera & EdX
University of Notre Dame Semester Online
Emory University Coursera & Semester Online
Georgetown University EdX
University of California – Berkeley EdX
Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
University of California – Los Angeles UCLAExtension
University of Southern California n/a

*Semester Online is a paid, for-credit service with an application process, so it does not qualify as a traditional MOOC

Some quick observations:

–       University of Southern California is the only holdout on this list.

–       It really speaks to the power of Coursera and EdX. There are some young providers like Canvas or FutureLearn who will need to find a niche or have a really great value proposition in order to be successful in this market.

–       It also speaks to the power of MOOCs. 24 of the top 25 universities offer MOOCs or MOOC-like courses.

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