Let’s Get Started

I will start this blog with an exercise. One of my reasons for blogging is to exercise my ability (or lack of ability) to write faster. If you were here, you would see that this is not going so well so far. But, as in real exercise, I presume it comes with time.
I have a few other reasons. At the time of this post, I’ve been working in an IT consulting company for one and a half years. As with most of my jobs, I enjoy it. But I can see how easy it is for your mind to get quickly warped and stunted around the carrots and sticks in a corporate environment. One of the worst things I can within my company is miss filling out my timesheet. To me, that borders on the immoral because you are determining raises and promotions based on a silly number that is the same every week.
I am writing slow again.
In a way, these are the things I want to write about. I have no focus for this blog. I like economics, incentives. I like when everything else can fit into the laws of incentives, and I think they mostly can. As I write about these things, I hope to find something that I can start to focus this exercise around.
I am excited to join, hopefully a year from now I will still be writing (faster), and it will be a useful exercise for myself and anyone who reads. 

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