Other Publications

Sometimes I put things online that don’t make it into my own blog. I post those here:

A Comparison of Five Free MOOC Platforms for EducatorsA Comparison of Five Free MOOC Platforms for Educators – Article in EdTech Magazine that compares the strengths and weaknesses of the popular MOOC platforms available


Building your own online course? How to choose the MOOC platformBuilding your Own Online Class? How to Choose the MOOC Platform – Article in MOOC News and Reviews assesses five free MOOC platforms and gives suggestions about who they might be most appropriate for

How MOOCs can be Free and Profitable - John SwopeHow MOOCs Can be Free and Profitable At the Same Time: A Look at the Economics of MOOCs – Article in EdTech Magazine investigates some of the market forces behind MOOCs, and how they influence the sustainability of the industry.


mooc news and reviews what do we know about MOOC students keyboard imageWhat Do We Know About MOOC Students So Far?: A Look At Recent User Data – Article in MOOC News and Reviews takes a look at demographics, attrition rates, and the potential future for MOOC students.